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  • White Shirt with the main motive of the new collection.

    I designed the Piqto Konstrukt in a design theory lesson. Therefore it is also influenced by the highly geometric designs of the Memphis group and especially by Etottore Sottsass' famous cupboard Carlton from 1981.

    But above all I really like aesthetics and elements of African culture with a "naive" graphic shapes and a playful geometry. I find the motive, or one could even say the lettering, interesting, because it is at first glance not perceived as such. Only upon closer examination and the knowledge that the forms are in fact the abstracted letters P I (i) Q (q) T O, the riddle is decrypted.

    I have heard many different interpretations, e.g. that the motive is looking like an angel, a bonhomme, a pictogram, or a face. But opinions differ. Many people like the design and how it is contrasting to previous motives, while others a rather critical concerning the new style.
    But me personally I think it is good to offend a little and not having to please everyone.

    Piqto Konstrukt B/W